Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watcha Working On Wednesdays!

Good Morning All! I hope that this day has brought everyone well. Today I am so excited because I am working on the mason jar luminaries that Char told us about. Here is a sneak peek of it-

It is not finished yet. As soon as I have a finished product I will post it.

O.K gals here is my finished product!! I am very satisfied and will be making a few more of these.Next is the fabric cinni buns. Stay Tuned...
In the meantime I have a problem that I wanted to bring to my special friends... I have about 6-7 peach baskets that I want to do something with but cannot think of anything. I do have wooden beams in my dining room ceilings and thought of hanging them there,but I think it will be too much of the same basket.So, I thought I could come to you guys and see if you have any ideas. Here is a pic of the type of basket.
Does anyone have any ideas? Just remember I have 6or7 of them. I also wanted to Thank-You all for the inspirational decorating and crafting ideas.You all have been such a blessing to me. I can't wait until the Christmas ideas start rolling in! I hope everyone has a blessed day!!


This simple Life said...

Try painting them in different colors, that way they wouldn't all the be the same.

Use one to fill with pine cones by the fire place or on the front porch.

Paint one a rust orange and fill with Minni pumpkins, add a scrap of homespun to line the basket with.

Leslie said...

I have a basket like that. I watered down deep red paint and sort of "stained" it. It holds games and computer software. Someone must have sat on it because it's not looking so great...might be time to retire it :(

This Country Girl said...

I was thinking little pumpkins and gourds in it after painting it and distressing it a little. But that's just've still got 5 or 6! Just think of places you need a little storage and paint them and add some homespun and your goodies....

I love your primmed make over, by the way! Great job!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I have one of those baskets that I got at the GW, I painted mine black and have it sitting on the floor with greenery in it...sorry that's only one suggestion:)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I have several of those baskets too! I have painted mine in reds or blacks and use for storage in cabinets and my pantry. You could use them for magazines, fabric, or whatever needs to be contained.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I think everybody beat me to it...I would do what everyone else said...paint or stain. Fill with different things /pumpkins/dried flowers/etc, Hang them crooked all sorts of ways, up down sideways.
It will look great!
P.S. Love your candles!

Shanda said...

Hello there and thanks for stopping in and saying hi. I would paint or stain several all the same color and sit them on top of a shelf for organization or paint them and fill up with colored raffa strands and fill up full of gift goodies inclunding your wonderful homemade goodies.
Your grand daughter is a doll too.