Monday, August 31, 2009

Back From Vacation and look What I Found!

Good Morning All!We are back from our vacation and had a wonderful time. Thank you all for your prayers for a safe trip. I want to share with you all some pics of our vacation but I first wanted to share with you some pics of a "Prim" store I visited in
Pigeon Forge Tn.

I was so excited going in to this store!! There are none here in our area of South Carolina that I am aware of and needless to say I was beside myself! I did purchase a few items and will share them with you later this week. I also will share with you the beach pictures from Bald Head Island N.C. and our trip to Gatlinburg.Well, as you know when you get back from vacation you have a lot of work to do around your home,washing clothes,cleaning,bill paying,cleaning,taking care of Father in law,cleaning,making doctors appts,cleaning. Well you got the hint LOL!! I also need to get going on my swap partner items.She has already emailed me and said she was sending mine out! I'M ON IT CINDY!!! Well, I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going On Vacation

I am getting ready to go on vacation. We will be leaving Friday morning and will be back next Friday!Please keep my family in your prayers that God will give us traveling mercies!
See you all soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My 10 Best Things About August

Linda from Behind My Red Door - has challenged us to share 10 things we like about the month of August.And as I read hers I started thinking of how busy might life has been and how there is so many things in my life that revolves around August.I need to slow down and thank the Lord for all these wonderful gifts he has brought in my life.
So without further ado....Thank You Lord for the following:

#1-4 years ago on August 1st I celebrated my first "full" day of SALVATION! My husband and I gave our lives over to the Lord on July 31st 2005. We went to bed that night and I could honestly say I laid my head on my pillow that night and fell asleep with so much "Peace" in my life.The next day August 1 we knew was a brand new day. And I felt like I was born again! Thank You LORD!

#2- August 28 1982 was the day I married my Jr. high sweetheart! He is the Love of my life. And even though we was not serving the Lord then,the Lord knew who was for me because he had great things in store for us! I love this man with all my heart!

# 3-Peaches! go get yourself a few. Eat them right off the tree, sliced in cream, make peach cobbler with ice cream or you can even blend them in delicious slushies. It doesn't matter how you eat them!

#4-This man came into my life when I was 13 years old. I was a rebellious teenager and he needed the Grace Of God to be able to put up with me!LOL!! And even though he is not my biological father (my father passed away when I was 6) he is my DAD! he showed me what a true Christian was. Did it scare me? Absolutely but he was real! Did I buck up against him, absolutely but he stood firm and I love him for that! Thank you Dad-He will celebrate his 87th birthday on August 28th (my anniversary)

#5- My mother! What can I say..she is my mother and I love her so much! She will be celebrating her 72 birthday on August 24

#6- My beautiful DIL-Nikki! I am so thankful the Lord sent her in my sons life.She is not only a wonderful christian wife but a christian mother also who is training up my grandchildren in the way of the Lord. Nikki is celebrating her 23rd birthday on August 27.

#7- Knowing that Fall is just around the corner!

#8 -Going on vacation finally! To Bald Head Island N.C. in 1 week! Thank-You Lord!

# 9 & 10- And last but not least my 2 beautiful grandchildren who I will be able to spend alot of time with this next 2 weeks. These 2 are my blessings from God! I love them so much I just want to eat them! Uh......does that sound weird? Everytime I have told my son that he says "uh no Mom...that doesn't sound right!" LOL!! I just can't ever get enough of these two!

Thanks everyone for letting me share these with you and thank-you Linda for posting this wonderful idea.These are my 10 best things for the month of August! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Watcha Working on Wednesday

Well friends I wanted to post and show you all what I have been working on lately.

First I just finished up some pantry labels in my kitchen. I was really satisfied with the way they turned out.

I got these wonderful labels from Susie over at Yankee Lane Primitives awhile back and finally started on a few.

Next I went to My favorite antique store and found a few goodies.

I'm thinking of painting this a colonial blue...what do you think?

She has about 20 more left but I don't know what I can do with them.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Well thats what I am going to be working on today. Go on over at Leslies and check out what everyone else is doing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Textile Swap Goodies

First let me say I know I am late for posting. I am toward the end of my dental procedures and I had to go visit my dentist this morning.

Anyways..... I left last Thursday to spend a couple of days with my Grandchildren in Charleston so while I was gone this wonderful package came in the mail.Its my textile swap from CHAR!!!

I couldn't open it quick enough.My husband looked at me like I was crazy!! (O.k.I know I know, it sure seems that way doesn't it!) And even when he seen it and I was jumping up and down and explaining to him what they were he was like "oh, thats nice" like he really could care less but was trying to support my enthusiasm.LOL! Gotta Love 'em!

Now back to my goodies....I opened the package and there was a bowl scarf and the wonderful sunflowers that she has made a tut on (LOVE THEM!!!) And low and behold are you ready............4 Yes I SAID 4 penny candle mats that represent the 4 seasons! I am so excited. Char I love everything I received. I have been looking at some penny table runners that alot of wonderful crafters have out there so when I seen these I just couldn't contain myself. I cannot wait to do this Fall Swap she is holding. Below are a couple of close up shots of the items. Again
thank you Char and it was an honor to be your swap partner!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 3, 2009


Good Morning All!!
It is a beautiful day here in the upstate of South Carolina.God is so good!
As you all know I have been absent for awhile and now am trying to get back in the swing of things. I use to post all the giveaways that I could find for all you gals and decided to go ahead and work on that again.So without further ado.......Here are the giveaways I found that some wonderful people are giving away.I will list them as I find them this week. Also please take the time to visit these wonderful sites.These are some extremely talented crafters and they all have brought so much joy in my life.Good luck!!

Look at this beauty! Go to Cath's Pennies Designs
and sign up for this giveaway! Isn't it beautiful? This is a new site for me and I am looking forward to getting to know her.She is a very talented woman. Thanks Cath for offering this BEAUTIFUL giveaway!Hurry because she is drawing for this giveaway on Wednesday August 5th!

And Karen over at MY COLONIAL HOME is having a giveaway. We don't know what it is yet (and neither does she LOL!!) But I am sure whatever it is it will be wonderful!! I believe her giveaway will end either today or tomorrow so go on over and sign up! And if you get a chance go to her shop site. She offers so many wonderful items. I sit here and just drool over them!


O.K. everyone here is another one I found.
This is Dee over at Farmhouse Country Style I am so glad I found her blog. I am looking forward to visiting her more often. But in the meantime she is having a giveaway for this wonderful harvest sign. Just in time for the Fall! The drawing will be August 31st so go on over and visit her!

Well so far these are the only ones I have found. I have so much catching up to do! I see so many wonderful new sites and I need to go visit a couple of older ones also! I will post more giveaways as I come across them. In the meantime I hope everyone has a Blessed day!