Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watcha Workin On Wednesday & giveaway

Good Mornin all!!
It is a crisp cool morning here in the mountain /lake area of South Carolina. I got up this morning from a call from my preachers wife "Mary" checking up on me. I have been having some ear problems for a couple of weeks now,with water in my ears. You see,about a month ago my DH and I had gotten certified in scuba diving. And I have not seemed to have gotten the water out of my ear(my left one-my right one has cleared up) I have went to the doctor and have received an antibiotic and had to go off of it and now she has put me on something else.Anywho I just appreciate Mary and love her so much.And also I am so proud that me and my husband have went and accomplished scuba diving.
But onto watcha workin on wednesday. I told you Monday that I was headed out in the yard to do some sprucing up. Well... I kept on seeing things and had to get hold of some bushes and one thing led to another and I stayed on the front and backyard Monday,Tuesday and today I will be finishing up.But, I'm glad I went for it and have gotten so much out of the way. After I finish today, I will be ready to decorate my yard this weekend.Here are a few pics of my piles.

I also need to tend to my herbs today. I love pesto and so I am going to freezing some.This year was my first attempt of dealing with herbs. And I love it!!

And last but not least I wanted to share with all my special friends this picture of my "Rae"
She has a shirt on from Dollywood that we bought her that says "Mimi's Princess". Mimi is what my grandchildren are going to call me and this is the first place we have seen anything with Mimi on it. Of course they only had it in pink and I don't think Samuel would have appreciated me getting him one in pink. So I am just going to keep looking for him. Well, hope everyone has a blessed day!! I almost forgot go to stop and smell the chocolates blog.Lisa is having an awesome giveaway!1 As a matter of fact it is several giveaways!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

what a little cutie!!!

Have fun decorating now that the hard part is done.

Hope your ear clears up soon.


Leslie said...

I hope you feel better.

You have been quite busy out in the yard :)

Cute granddaughter and very nice shirt :) My DD is a total PINK girl!

Have a great day!

This Country Girl said...

Your little Rae is wonder she's your princess!


Wendy said...

Rae is adorable!!! You have been hard at work!! Can't wait to see it all decorated!!~Wendy

Jacquelynne said...

There is nothing like being able to step outside your door to snip some fresh herbs for cooking- one of my favorite things about summer (one of the things I will miss... til next year!)

JenW!~ said...

Can't wait to see your yard all decorated. Hope your ear feels better soon. And your granddaughter is darling.