Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pastor Appreciation Month

Hello all

I'm so sorry for not being on here for almost a week.I'm so ashamed!! My yard sale is this Saturday and I have almost gone thru all the boxes that was in storage.There was probably 150-200 boxes to go thru.I believe I have about 5 left.So I'm glad that is almost over with.

This month is pastor appreciation month. I have been busy also getting things organized for it. I was given a cute idea of getting all the families together and getting them to set aside 1 day per family this month for our pastor. They could send them a card, fix dinner and either take it to them or have them over, they could also take them out for dinner, or bake them some goodies or make them a craft.That way everyday for this month is taken up by a family in the church. And then the last Sunday of the month we will have a church dinner and have a money tree for them.Everyone seemed to really like the idea and I almost have the whole month filled up(just a couple of days toward the end left)I also wanted to share a picture of my pastor and his family. They are very much appreciated and we Love them so much.Please take a moment and let your pastor know how much you love him and appreciate him.

I also have alot of goodies that I have found at yard sales,GW, and the $ tree this past week. I will be posting these goodies some time in the future.Hope everyone has a blessed day!


Susie Harris said...

What a great idea! I know they will be blessed by all of yall's sweetness, smile!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

No wonder you haven't posted in a week, you have been a very busy lady:) I can't imagine having to go thur 200 boxes, I hope you found some treasures for yourself!

Your pastor has a very beautiful family, no wonder you appreciate them so.

mysteryhistorymom said...

How sweet of you to organize a month of treats for your pastor and his family! They will certainly appreciate such thoughtfulness.:) Lori

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Anna, great post, thanks for the reminder. Beautiful kids...Oh my goodness, they are adorable. Hey thanks for the sweet comments you left me...I enjoyed reading your posts and your blog. It is wonderful. This blogging is wonderful to meet many women of faith that are fun!!!!