Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Having problems with site!

Hey everyone!!
I am still down for the count! But I went on here today because my friend kath emailed me this a.m about her poem on her site @ The Olde Weeping Cedar more... and I went under my dashboard and it is not showing that she had a post for today. It is showing her old post from Monday! But when I manually go to her site I see the new post. Sometimes I think this has been happening to me with some of you guy's sites that I have been following,because I will just sometimes see when your last post was and see you had a new one that I didn't know about. Can anyone help me?? Is something going on with blogger or is it me??? She is still listed under my favs and as one I am following.I do not want to be missing anyones posts!! HELP!!


Wendy said...

I think its blogger as I too try to go to new posts and it says it can't find it. I hope you feel better soon!~Wendy

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wish I could help....I don't have a clue..LOL Thanks for visiting my site! Love the pics on your blog. Dianntha

Debbie @ said...

Sorry I am no help...I do know one thing...Jan at Jan and Tom's place said if you will review your posts, to edit each one individually...if you see one that at the top it says there is an error or problem (and there will be this message if there is a problem) to delete that specific post, because it can affect everything you do after that. It keeps things from loading right. I had this problem, edited for an hour, finally found the bad post with the error message, deleted it and everything went back to normal. Keep asking questions, hopefully someone will know.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Mine was doing that over the weekend, but now it seems to be fixed I think it is Blogger not you. LOL.


Sandy Toes said...

sorry...I have no idea!! That stumps me!
-Sandy toes

basketsnprims said...

It happens to me, too, so I don't think it's you. It must be blogger. Hope you get feeling better. Pam