Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

The Origin of Labor Day

The first Labor Day was organized by Peter J McGuire in 1882. McGuire was a carpenter and one of the leaders of the American union movement.

Over 10,000 workers marched from New York's City Hall to Union Square. After the parade they enjoyed a picnic, concert, and speeches at Reservoir Park with their families.

In many cities across America, Labor Day continues to celebrated in the very same fashion.

Different countries around the world also celebrate the holiday along with the United States.

How to Celebrate Labor Day

Generally, the main way to celebrate Labor Day is by taking the day off work and school, and enjoying the company of your family, friends, and neighbors.

Labor Day would not be possible without the help of the workers who originally fought to get the holiday recognized, so when I celebrate it with my family I try to remember those who worked long hours and in bad conditions. Without those workers, we wouldn't have the industrialized civilization that we do today.

If you're looking to go out with your friends and family on Labor Day, the best way to celebrate it in my opinion is by having a picnic or a cook out. Picnics are nice because they allow for everyone to spend time with each other, and picnics were how most laborers in the 1800's shared their breakfasts and lunches. When you go to a picnic, you usually sit on a blanket or some kind of cloth and the refreshments are shared communally. This is one traditional representation of the labor movement that has a significant place in our history, and should be celebrated by all.

No matter what your thoughts are on the labor movement in general, everyone has to work and it's sometimes nice to sit back, take a moment, and remember that labor is the backbone of our economy and life in general. After the laborers got Labor Day recognized as a national holiday, the rest became history.

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I do appreciate the laborers of America, that goes not only for the ones who leave their home each day to support their families but also for the men and women who stay at home to raise their children or who are homemakers,our pastors,volunteers etc... I say Thank you!


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