Sunday, April 25, 2010

My first decorating attempt-52nd run of Sunday Favorites!

Happy Birthday Chari! She sponsors a Sunday Favorites each week that is a re-post of one of your favorites posts. This is my first time for joining this so I am excited! Please go over and check her blog out Happy To Design and all the other wonderful re-posts! She is also sponsoring a giveaway! Have fun and enjoy. Now, this re-post is very special to me it was my 2nd post that I ever posted and my 1st decorating attempt! So here we go..........

Hey everyone! It is raining here today, not that I am complaining. Thank you Lord! We are in a serious drought here so I do appreciate the blessing!! My husband and I have purchased our home about 3 years ago and just started attempting to do some major decorating. Our first decorating project was our guest room. I really wish I had taken some before pics to show you what it looked like, but I was so excited about this project that I was just ready to start. I had gotten the wrought iron bed from a Goodwill store a couple of months ago in Charleston S.C. Our son lives there with our 2 g-baby's so we go quite often. Anywho, they was having a special that day there that if you filled out a questionnaire you received 50%off your purchase. So, I seen this bed for $50 and knew I had to have it for our new project. Especially when I was getting it for 50% off to $25. I have recently just started getting into the antiquing and prim decorating so I have been going and looking for a lot of items at different places The 3 mirrors I received for 70% off at Peebles (they ended up being $3 a piece) Also at one of our little antique stores here on Main Street I found 4 American homestead pictures for $1 apiece w/o frames. So I attempted my first time of making some distressed frames. I recieved ideas on how to do this from a blogger and really appreciated it!! I went to Walmart and bought 4 $3 wooden picture frames and tada here they are. I am so proud of the way the room has turned out. I know it doesn't compare to a lot of you guys decorating but hey, for my first time I am pretty proud. We still have a little bit more to do in it. My husband is in the middle of building me a shelf that I seen last month in Country Home that I can put my mother-in-laws antique cup and saucers on.Well I dont't know how these pics will turn out because my husband has my camera with him. If they turn out blurry I will re-post them. Hope everyone has a blessed day!!


Martha said...

Missed this the first time around (but isn't that what Sunday Favorites is about?) -- you did a great job with that guest room and I can't believe what a shoestring you did it on!!! Congrats!

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

Good for you with the job you did with your lovely guesat room! What a testamennet to waht can be beautifully accomplised on a shoestring bubget! said...

I am decorating challenged. Your guest room looks great, and I totally understand a shoestring budget. Will be doing my bedroom later this summer on a VERY tight budget.
thanks for visiting and commenting on my candelabra.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Juanita... did a fabulous job with the new decor in your pretty guestroom! My friend, I love, love, LOVE that iron's gorgeous! think that you got that beautiful bed for just $25! BRAVO!!! I think that the pretty quilt that you're using is just perfect for that iron it! You sure do know how to shop for a bargain...all of your wall art...sooo beautiful and at such great prices! Well Darlin', I just loved this post...I'm sooo happy that you shared it with us for Sunday Favorites...such a treat!

I also wanted to thank you for all of your sweet notes and well wishes for the Sunday Favorites "One Year" birthday celebration! I'm just tickled pink that you could join in with us! Also...I sure do appreciate you putting my giveaway button in your sidebar...thank you! It's just such a pleasure to meet you, Juanita and to have you add Happy To Design to your list of blog follows! I'm honored, my friend!!!

Have a wonderful day and best wishes in the gift card giveaway!

Chari @Happy To Design