Wednesday, October 7, 2009


O.k I needed to get on here and let everyone know that I am behind on my blogging and I apologize. We have some children around here that have some YUCKY SICKNESS!!
Samuel was taken to the emergency room Sunday and was diagnosed with the CROOP and Anna Rae was up all night last night with a high fever and vomiting.
So needless to say it has not been very good around here. Please keep them in your prayers and as soon as things get better I will be posting. But in the meantime I am still visiting you all. (You all are my shining stars though it all!)Have a blessed day!


Loretta said...

Oh! Poor babies! Praying they are both well soon and no one else gets sick!!!! Yucky indeed! Hugs, Loretta

Carmen C. said...

I will keep your precious angels in my thoughts and prayers and hope they both feel better very soon:)

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Awh--poor lil things...I so hope they're feeling better now?
How are you doin?
Hope you've heard from Robbie, and he's doin well?
Keeping you and your fam in my prayers, girl...always!
I'm glad the kids are there with you...I'm sure being with their Mimi (sp?) makes them feel lots better :)There's nothing like a grammy hug to make 'em feel better! ;)


Carlie said...

I hope it is H1N1 because my granddaughter had it and when it came back it developed into pneumonia and my friend's granddaughter got sick again after her bout of the swine flu and she had walking pneumonia. So please be careful if they have a fever for a few days check out their lungs.