Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day At The Farm!

We had a wonderful day last week at the farm with our grandchildren. And I wanted to take a moment and share a few pics with you all. Now, there are alot of pics so just sit back and enjoy!

This is a pic of the farmhouse itself. This is my DH boss's home. And it is a beautiful home. They have been asking Robbie to bring the grandchildren here to their home to see all their pets. So last week Thursday we decided to take them up on their offer. And here we go....

This is Pop Pop showing the children all the goats.
Whew! And there was alot of them!

Of course everywhere they went "Winnery" was right behind them! Winnery is one of the 15 dogs they have.

Here is Anna Rae trying to feed one of the goats.

And one of their sheep they have.

Here is Pop Pop holding Samuel while he fed the goats. He wanted him to warm up to them before he tried to feed them.

Here is Anna rae feeding them.

And it didn't take Samuel long before he was feeding them.

Here is Mr. Ziffel. their pig!

And one of their many horses.

And of course their ram!

And here we are making a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts getting some orange springled icing donuts. You know they enjoyed these! Of course me and mommy tried their Pumpkin Latte and it was yummy!
Well thanks to each and everyone of you who stop by and see my life. I know that you all have a busy life and I hope you all have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I love your farm pictures! :)

mornings322 said...

Great pics!

Yea for the donuts! Whether on the face or in the mouth....delicious either way, lol.

Have a great week.


Tammy said...

Wonderful pics. Looks like they certainly had a great time. Thank you for sharing.

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Oh what a great day with the grands! They are so cute!
Enjoyed all the photos, Juanita!
Love the 'yummy donut' faces!

have a wonderful week!♥

Carmen C. said...

Looks like they enjoyed the precious farm animals and the yummy donuts;)

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

What adorable kids! Looks like everybody had a fun time. And I just love candid photos, even when they mess up their faces with icing! So cute!

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Love the pics...adorable grandbabies!! What can I say about the donuts??? Yum!!! Especially on those sweet faces!!

Have a great week!

Loretta said...

Hi Juanita,
The farm pictures were wonderful but I think the last 2 pics tell the real story of what a fun day the kids had! Just adorable! Hugs, Loretta

Anonymous said...

What nice pics. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time.