Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Boys

I have been waiting for a good time to share with everyone my 3 "babies". All you moms out there know that no matter how old they are they will always be your babies.

Well, today is the day that I decided to share them with all my dear friends.

In this picture is when they were young and we had them into baseball.This particular year they was on different teams. So can you imagine us trying to be there for all 3 games? This happened every other year.On the other years our middle son (Josh) and youngest son (Beau) would be on each others team.
From left to right-Joshua(middle son) Beau(youngest son) and Robbie Jr.(oldest son) AAhh those were the days! For those of you who have little ones-cherish them while they are little-they grow up real quick!!

This is a picture of the young men with their father.Robbie Jr. and Josh was playing varsity football this year at the high school and Beau was still in middle school and playing for the middle school team (that is why he doesn't have a uniform on because his team was not playing that night)

AAHHH Friday night football games!
From L-R Robbie Jr,Robbie Sr,Beau and Josh

Now my 2 oldest ones are married now to 2 beautiful young ladies.Beau is still at home and is enjoying not having to compete with his 2 older brothers for Mom and Dad's attention (and money) LOL LOL

This is our oldest son
Robbie Jr and his wife Nikki on their wedding Day. They now have my 2 precious grandbabies-Anna Rae and Samuel (who I always keep on my sidebar)

This is my middle son Joshua with his beautiful wife Shana. They have just recently informed us that they will be trying to have a child in January.So we are praying!

This is our youngest son Beau. He went on a mission trip to Africa 2 years ago and this is a pic of him there.We are praying that the Lord will bring him a good wife also.

Well these or my babies and I just wanted to share them with you all. Thanks so much for looking and I hope that all of you have a blessed day!


Karen said...

Juanita, what a beautiful tribute to 3 handsome sons and two beautiful daughter in-laws.
You own the right to be proud.
Thanks for sharing.

Kath said...

What handsome young men!!
You've indeed been blessed-
Three wonderful boys and now two beautiful daughter in-laws...and we can't forget your BEAUTIFUL grandchildren! ;)
Our children are such blessings...and your blessings just overflow my friend!! :)
Thanks so much for sharin'
Have a beautiful day, Juanita!


Gen said...

you have a beautiful family Juanita Ü

Wendy said...

You have a very beautiful family Juanita!!! God is so good!!! Have a very blessed day my friend!~Wendy

Tammy said...

Such an absolutely sweet post...your sons are such handsome young men- both when they were little and now that they're grown!
You have been truly blessed....and I'm sure they feel the same way about having you!

Back in the Day said...

What handsome sons you have! My brother has 3 boys and let me tell you . . . WOW! Thanks for sharing!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

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Sandra Evertson said...

What cute little football players!

Lauren said...

What wonderful sons you have raised! You have certainly been blessed with amazing children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren! I know your are so very proud of them..and you should be! <3Lauren

Sandy Toes said...

Such great looking blessed you are!

I am also blessed b/c I received your box!! Thank you for just everything! I am going to post about it on Friday! Thank you!!!
-sandy toes

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a handsome group of men you have! I know you are so proud of all of them, as you should be. There is nothing like family!

Have a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Good looking guys you have:) you are so blessed! Love their wedding photos and what beautiful grandchildren you have:)
Thanks for sharing Juanita!

Katy said...

Oh my goodness! I just loved seeing the pics as they have grown. Kids seem to grow so fast, don't they? You have beautiful sons and daughter in laws! I love the name Beau too...:) I hope he finds a wonderful wife as well! :)

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

How precious! My heart has a special place for 3 boys.